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@Billyk75 a wider stance gives the vehicle a lower center of gravity. Better handling, no negative issues.

The lifespan of your wheel bearings and some aspects of handling may suffer since the centerline of the wheel will be in a different spot and won’t be applying the weight of your car to the exact center of the wheel bearing. How much these will be affected is beyond me, but a verified suspension engineer from Ford and Tesla explains things in a bit more detail in several articles on suspension and offset at The Autopian.

You can run the calculation yourself like I did at BND Tech Source (can’t link directly since I’m new) and most changes are small, though you may see better traction/braking and worse fuel economy because that’s the unavoidable trade off- friction is always both enemy and friend and bigger tires make more friction. In this case, the tires will be stretched wider than stock.

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TL;DR Suspensions and handling are REALLY complicated and staying as close as possible to the stock wheel size is a good idea.

Definitely a classy choice of wheel and one that’s pretty darn close to the stock size! I’ve definitely thought about swapping my 23 XT wheels for the Wilderness wheels because I like the broad spoke design.

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