New Noise that sounds concerning



Recently I had a Subaru dealer oil change and 21 pt inspection (all good) and my tires rotated and balanced at discount tire where I purchased them. The following day I noticed a new rattle coming from in front of the driver’s side. When I stopped and turned off the engine, it sounded like dripping fluid at first, but then more like metal contracting. We lifted the hood and did not see anything.. The next time I drove it ( a few days later), the rattle was very evident immediately on any rough road, not so much on smooth roads. When I got back home, it was pinging again like metal was cooling off and contracting. This went on for several minutes. It was not hot or cold outside. I have no clue why this is happening or should I be concerned. It does bother me that it did not do this before my Subaru dealer oil change and inspection and my tire rotation at Discount Tire. The rattle sounds similar to having something stuck under the car, but the noise when stopped does not. It sounds loudest in the engine by the drivers side. Any clues? Should I worry? What should I check? 2019 Ascent, 48K mileage. Thank you for any advise!

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