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Over 10 years, since 2013, and 3 Outbacks, the recommended tire pressures were fronts 2 psi higher than the rears. Allegedly to keep the tire profiles the same as close as possible to make it easy on the CVT and differentials.
Made sense, the heavy engine up front and all. Used to irk me that the dealership, at least mine, ignored this and set pressure the same front back. I always figured this was to make it easy on their service techs when the did a tire rotation the lazy way, just front to rear and vice versa. This way they didn’t have to reverse the 2 psi difference. No big thing, I always did my own tire pressures and adjusted accordingly.
Now on to the Ascent. The sticker has the front/rear PSIs the same. Any insight as to why? The front/engine side is still the heavy end. Did the lazy dealerships win out and convince Subaru to forget the tire profile thing or is there some more scientific reason?

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