Our 2020 to 2023 Upgrade/Additional Question

Unfortunately, our beautiful 18k 2020 climb was achieved after a driver ran a red light at full speed 9 seconds after the light turned red (thanks to local business for the video footage)…
All parties left, luckily, and our Ascent took it like a tank with half the airbags inflating. REST IN PEACE :(

Anyway, we have to finalize our purchase this weekend of a 2023 Ascension (after seeing how well our car handled that accident, I can’t imagine putting my 3 young kids in much else)… but we wondering if our 2020 accessories fit 2023?

I removed our weather mats, cargo mat, cargo cover and 3rd row cargo cover and sunshade from the vehicle before the appraiser came to tow it for parting…. I figured if we didn’t get another climb we could sell them… now I’ Just think it would be great if they fit the 2023 as the accessories, as the car was, are pristine. Anyone if they will work?

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