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This gives you an idea of ​​what people are concerned about. their mpg, it doesn’t matter if the car blows up. There is an idiot light to tell you that your engine is done.

My Gen3 XTs have a factory temp gauge, it’s dumb and numb. No numbers, works around 8:55pm if that was the time. Doesn’t move between 165* and 190* (like I said, numb)

You know kids, it’s pretty easy to run to the parts store and get a $20 coolant gauge. Tap a sensor on one of the small coolant lines or tap a jumper where the OEM sensor is located. Run a line through the firewall and mount a direct gauge. That’s how we did it in the old days. Car companies actually did it for you as part of the group to monitor the engine. I did the same on both my devices.

But I can understand why it is much more important to have the ECO meter. This process is difficult to understand, we need visual aids. The concept of pedal down = bad mileage vs pedal up = good mileage. It’s hard, who takes care of the cooler…..

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