Reviewing my Nokian Outpost ATs

Thanks for the review. Have you considered the 245/65/17 posts? I just ordered a pair of these Nokain Outposts in that size for my 2017 3.6 to fit 17″ WRX wheels. The tire shop thinks they won’t fit. I’ve read many other posts about people putting 245 Falkens and other brands on similar ATs no friction or issues.Strange if the Nokian Outpost is bigger than other ATs.Thanks again and any insight appreciated!

I didn’t consider the 245s because I was reluctant to gain more tread width just to go with the higher sidewall height. Honestly, if such a thing were possible, I would have gone for the 225/70R17 instead: a lot more sidewall while maintaining the narrower tread that’s better for cutting through mud and slush.

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