North Bay Area Green Onyx

My name is Matt, and I just happened to buy a mount as an impulse buy a few weeks ago, the title finally transferred last week. It’s 22′ with the Onyx package. Took it for some fire recall and alignment and to add ruler right away. It has the panoramic roof and the view which is cool, but it was strange to believe. The previous owner put new Michelin CrossClimates on before I got it. There are some door chimes but will fix them next week. I did a drop on the K&N filter, haven’t checked to see if it has a pull kit yet, but I usually pull it with my Tacoma. Looking forward to the Eibach Lift and a Prinsu rack and some shades and a Luno bed for the back. You already have all the camping gear and a fridge and stuff. Should be a great road tripper at 3x the fuel cost of the taco with thousands of pounds of trail armor. It definitely wasn’t a car I was looking for, but it pretty much found me and it was pretty good. And give me something new to edit. I have a fleet of Hondas and Toyotas and a Datsun and motorcycles so that should be fun too. It is a very practical and comfortable car. I definitely like it more than I thought.

Sky Tire Wheel Car

Car with tires Land Vehicle

Tire car window with wheels

Automobile Parking Light Car with Tire Wheels

Wheeled vehicle Land vehicles

Tires Wheels Car Land Vehicle Sky

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