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An odd suggestion, but I’m thinking outside the box.

Take 2 kiddie inflatable pool mattresses, fill them with air.
Open and place the hood of the car inside up, flat on the pavement.
Glue (using a good silicone or flexible adhesive) the mats to the top of the hood that protects the hood, roof, etc., put something like pieces of wood to hold it flat and let it dry.
Deflate and roll. When a hailstorm comes, just blow it up and use it..
I think I’m ready for a new license :ROFLMAO::uncertain:

we have had these topics before. saw some photos about yoga mats with little bean bags on them. = closed cell foam so no water gets trapped or anything breaks.
put them on flat surfaces, and maybe a typical car cover closed/down on the car. so that the mattresses do not move away.

it seems to have been a difficult thing to get everything right all the time. or someone in Texas or Colorado where they’ve been taking base balls and golf balls in bulk for a while will detail things you can keep in your trunk/luggage and always have ready in a minute. (before your head breaks too).

Maybe subaru should make cars that don’t get scratched or scratched by hail…
.and I’ve seen hailstone scratches on 1964 commercial trucks that would take 2 people to hold the hood up. (even solid old steel isn’t perfect).

but i sure like the Gen2 subaru underbody and the antique saturn doors you can touch with a rubber mallet.

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