Just my sound went silent.

2024 3k miles. Stopped this morning on my way to work to get coffee. Got back in my Outback and started it up and finished the drive to work. No sounds at all from the speakers. Everything else worked normal including the radio menus. Switched back and forth sources, turned off and on the radio etc. Nothing. Parked the car and opened the door do the radio turns off. Restarted the car and after radio booted no sound still. All other systems were fine.

I will figure out which fuse it is and pull it this afternoon to perform a hard reboot and see what that give me.

I really did not want a warranty trip this early. I have the condition my cars come back in. Clear coat scratches, leather steering wheel cover scratches etc. This is my past experiences with Subaru service. They always reject that those things occurred in the bays.

The only other thing I have had happen in the past with the radio is XM source switching problems.

I hope in years to come Subaru gets a class action against the infotainment system reading all about the issues from 2020+.

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