All warning lights on including Check Engine!



Hi all. I want to post my experience in hopes this will help someone else. A week ago my wife goes out one morning and starts the car and all the warning lights are on. I read up on it, and decided I would drive cautiously over to Auto Zone where they check the error codes for free. They found the following error codes: P04AE, P1100, P2400, and P2200. I called Subaru the next morning. They couldn’t get me in for a week, but the car was driving normally. When my appointment finally came up, I provided the technician my error codes. He said, ‘Oh! Those are real.” After a couple hours he came back with a list of services. He recommended over $1100 of services. The only real one was a new gas cap because the errors were caused because of the “gas cap was not seated correctly”. In other words the gas cap was not tightened down and that cause the errors. They wanted me to buy a new gas cap from them for $220! I quickly googled it and found one for $20 on ebay. After declining the services I owed them $130 for turning off the warning lights. Thanks Subaru. :mad:

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