Iunno 2007 Subaru Forester LL Bean I guess: JF1SG67647H709419

I just picked this one up this week. I offered to buy it from someone in a parking lot and we came to an agreement on terms and price.

They were actually a musician and a good one if you ask me. Check out “Gentrammel” on Spotify if you’re curious.

Anyways, the car: 2007 LL Bean, EJ253, Silver on Grey. 117k miles.

Everything seems to work. Everything is there.

It’s clean inside but unfortunately not clean outside:

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

Luckily, the crumple zone didn’t crumple. The bumper beam while dented is still straight. The radiator support is tweaked but not contacting anything.

I think they hit something taller like a semi truck.

The AC and the headlights still work.

I’ve ordered a new headlight since all the yards want as much for a used one as new and as you can see in the picture the other headlight is good.

I currently need:

A silver hood. A silver front fender and grey bumper/skin/fogs/beam, and a washer bottle. It works but it’s cracked.

I think it will be a good car for a young family or as a beater / runabout. Engine seems happy.

One extra curiosity: The car is slightly lowered and on coil overs. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it as I think resale will be higher with OEM suspension and ride quality.

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