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Sorry to bump something that hasn’t been replied to in a little over a month, but didn’t think it worth starting a new topic.

I have a 23 Outback w/ the HK system.
I use a USB stick, 256 GB, formatted as NTFS.
Currently use CBR MP3s converted from FLAC (primary music library is FLAC, but wanted portability on a large portion of my library and MP3, for my old ears, is “good enough” while in my car).

The issue I have is, whenever I add music to my USB stick, the car never seems to index it.

Example, I added a completely new artist to the folder structure (root of the device\artist\album is the structure I use), so say \NewBand\AlbumX\Song 1.mp3.

I plug the stick back into my car, it takes a couple seconds and says “indexing” at the top of the head unit. When it finishes, I hit browse. The newly added NewBand does not appear under artists. None of the new albums appear in Albums. If I Browse the Folders, the folders do not appear either.

If I format the stick, then add EVERYTHING back again, it will index all the new stuff and off we go, happy with all my music available as expected.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to properly re-index.

I’ve tried turning on the car, let it initialize the head unit, wait a minute, plug in the stick. Same thing as above.
I’ve also moved every folder under a new folder called Music, so root\Music\Artist\Album. Somehow the old index the head unit had still works and knows where to find the albums that were previously indexed.

Only thing I have found to work is to format, copy the music back over which is kind of… dumb.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have it and resolve it without reformatting?

I do NOT have 4000+ tracks on here; more like 750 at the moment, so it isn’t a matter of too many objects on the stick.

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