Gen 4 – ODBII Code Clearing and Battery Health?

2013 3.6R Outback – approx 260K miles.

Got the old P420 code. Both dealer and local Japanese-car specialist recommended to skip replacing the cats due to cost and age of vehicle. Recommended getting a basic ODBII code reader, and just clear out the codes when P420 pops up.

Have noticed that within the first 2 or 3 starts after clearing codes, the car takes a noticeable extra few seconds of turning over before it actually starts. Just does it once and then pretty much starts normally until the code pops again.

In June had a just out of warranty battery fail battery test during regular maintenance. Replaced it. Five months later, the new battery fails the same test. That’s being replaced under warranty, but wondered if deleting the codes could somehow impact battery health or other systems reporting battery health. Could always just be a scam to push new batteries.

Anyhow – just an oddity I’m trying to track down. Found nothing in here or on Google relating the two, so figured I’d ask. TIA

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