Is it worth using a smart Battery Charger to keep battery in good shape (2023)?



Reading the threads on Gen 6 battery issues I was wondering whether it is a good idea to use an intelligent battery charger periodically to keep the battery in shape, particularly when using Auto Start Stop in a profile with short driving hops. This thread was started in 2014 and the consensus then was not really. But things have changed obviously.

As I understand it, stock batteries are now EFBs given previous issues with standard flooded lead acid batteries. Intelligent battery chargers have the following advantages amongst others:

1. Does not overcharge the battery
2. Reconditions the battery by removing sulphate build up on the lead plates

So my questions…

1. Is this a good idea to extend battery life and reduce the headaches of dead batteries, usually at the most inconvenient times?
2. Does this create any warranty problems?
3. Can it actually reduce battery life?
4. If this is a good idea, and subject to various driving profiles, should it be done frequently or infrequently?

Full Disclosure

While I am interested in these discussions for my Outback, I am just as interested in this topic for my wife’s 2020 Mustang GT. She came out of the gym one time, tried to start it up and go a Steering wheel lock problem, need service. Long story short, I got it started by taking off the negative battery terminal and resetting the car and then jumping it with cables to get it started. Took it into the dealer three weeks ago because as they said, it need a software update. Well, it’s still there and the dealer is now depending on Ford Motor company to figure out how to get it going again. I don’t know if a battery issue caused it to be bricked or whatever but I am now a little gun-shy on battery problems.

Thanks in advance

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