Rented a Nissan Armada for a week…



The first impression of the Armada is that it is huge but doesn’t have any more storage behind the third row than the Ascent. The second impression is that it’s a built like a cheap piece of junk. Every time I needed to open and close the rear doors it sounded like they were totally hollow, not the bank vault thud you get with the Ascent. They’re also small so getting in and out of the second and third rows isn’t easy,

The drivers seat was comfortable and had good adjustability. The dash is high and the hood is high, wide and flat (like no downward slope at all so there’s a huge blind spot directly in front of the car. Which leads to the issues with the 360 view and proximity sensors. I guess that Nissan knows how poor the outward visibility is because they provide audible beeps as well as the camera views for both the front and rear. But, the front beeps warnings even when you’re in reverse and the rear beeps warning even when you go forward. That’s not even logical. Just poor design.

I had the misfortune to drive the behemoth through I-95/George Washington Bridge/ NJ Rt4 gridlock. Twice. Two and a half hours of slow and no-go. You’d think that at least I’m in a big intimidating SUV and no one will mess with me but not so. Teslas now rank right up with Beemers as the most discourteous drivers. I now know that a whole Tesla can fit in the Armada’s front-right blind spot. Oh yeah, they mounted the side view mirror directly to the A-pillar so it creates an even longer blind spot than the hood alone would have done. If it weren’t for the reflection off the roof of the Tesla, I would have run it right over as he was cutting in front of me.

The rental was a V6 which ran smoothly with the automatic, but it was totally gutless. I don’t know what mileage it got but it does have a big tank. It took almost 25 gallons when I filled it.

When I got back into the Ascent it felt like a sports car.

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