2015 Outback Electronic Display not Normal



I guess that might be a possibility, although it would probably also reset the ECU, TCU, radio setting, window up/down controls, trip meter, etc., leading to issues until everything is “relearned”. That’s why I was wondering what the dealer might have tried.

It seems like that would be worth trying, anyway. It’s easy enough to do, and other than resetting the windows and perhaps noting some odds and ends, there aren’t a lot of things he would have to mess with. Write down the trip odometers, average and lifetime mileage if you’re tracking those. Some of the audio settings like balance, fade, and custom EQ settings might be lost, but I don’t think the radio presets will be lost (they weren’t for me).

ECU and TCU will relearn by themselves after a few drives.

It’s simple, and if it fixes the problem, it’s potentially a huge savings in cost and the risk of rattles caused by disassembling the dashboard.

Things like this are why, for the first time ever, I sprung for an extended warranty on a car. There are just too many electronic geegaws that will be expensive to replace now.

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