iPhone iOS 16.5 not connecting

Amber – at this time (July 5, 2023) the issue between Subaru and Apple is still not resolved! I even tried to revert my iPhone back to a previous update but Apple said that was not an option. Funny that my wife’s iPhone (iOs 16.4) works well and all messages show up….VERY frustrating. Hope Subaru gets this working soon.

Well Jim, I just got off the phone with Subaru Canada after having Apple run all kinds of diagnostics on my phone, updated to the most recent iOS, etc. The issue is with the update to the infotainment system which coincided with the Apple update to 16.5. Subaru has removed the ability for messages to come through when connected via Bluetooth only. Apparently there have been too many accidents whilst drivers are reading their messages in the screen. So if we want to receive messages through the car, we now need to be plugged in and go through the Apple Car Play app. Frustrating to say the least. And I did express that to the poor guy that took my call. People cannot be that stupid can they? And significantly enough to warrant a car manufacturer to update software because of it?? Really?? Crap news. Let me know if you get a different answer please.

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