2014 2.5i premium Outback issues



I am considering buying a 2014 2.5i Premium Outback, but have read online that there are some serious issues with many of the year models, particularly 2014. Many complaints (and a lawsuit?) are related to excessive oil consumption, transmission problems, and engine failure. It’s very hard to get a straight answer as the issues are said to be wide-spread and a mixture of differing issues. It makes it seem as though Subarus aren’t as reliable as I thought. My main concern with a car is reliability and things like comfort, safety, performance, etc are nothing to me if I have to pay big bucks to keep something running, or if I have to baby the car. The car I’m looking at has around 134,000 miles on it. I want to get at least 300,000 out of it. Is that common with the model in question? Is that common with any particular gen/model? Before I spend over $10,000 on a used car, I want some assurance that I have one that, when well maintained, it will be as likely as any vehicle on the road to make it to 300,000 miles with its original transmission and engine. Also, I try to do as much of my own preventative maintenance and repairs as I can. Are Subarus generally as easy to repair as other vehicles? I heard some models have to have the engine lifted slightly to change spark plugs and/or ignition coils. Are there other examples of this sort of thing with Outbacks? Any help in clearing up or confirming my concerns would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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