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Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum, but I think my 2008 2.0 diesel means i should be posting in here.

I bought the absolute money pit, purely as i was drunk and online at the same time and it was local and cheap. I didnt even drive it, i just asked him to drop it at my house lol

Anyway….1st drive out, it was underpower (hesitant and wouldn’t go over 60) and smoking under load, badly. Had a maf fault code too.

Got a replacement (good used) MAF, chucked some injector cleaner in the tank, and noticed a split in the I/C hose, so replaced that too. It was ok for a couple of days, power was much better and smoke was much better, but not gone. And then the maf fault came back. Oil was at the min, so topped it off.

Did a smog test, and the I/C was leaking, so i stripped the core out, cleaned it (lots of oil in there) braized over a pinhole and rebuilt it. No more leaks.

Smoke is steadily getting worse, and the oil consumption is approx 1.5l for 200 miles roughly….I can literally see it burning out the exhaust.

Im assuming the good maf is throwing a code because of dirt/oily air on the 1/2″ breather/return going to the main intake pipe adjacent to the maf. And once sorted, i can clean it and hopefully make that go away.

But, as I’m not familiar with the Subaru brand….I’m looking to those more knowledgeable than myself as to where to start looking.
Turbo oil feed?
Engine wear/piston rings (170k miles)

Also where is the ERG located on these, i’ll whip that out for a clean too.

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