Gen 2 – EJ25 oil leak at/near camshaft seal



I recently replaced the head gaskets, reground valves, etc. due to a TB failure (Gates). It runs fine but I have a small oil leak at/near driver side cam seal. I thought maybe I had scatched the cam when removing the old seal (even though it didn’t appear to be leaking). I replaced the seal and it still leaked. Pulled everything apart again and while there was oil on the bottom of T-belt cover, there was no sign of oil leakage inside or from seal. The cam stub was dry. I pulled off the rear T-bel cover and the area below the cam seal on head was wet. I did install new cam girdle bolts at the forward end (the bolts have a rubber seal on ID of captured washer). I thought maybe one of these had leaked so I removed them, cleaned things up an installed them with some Ultra Black on the washers/bolt heads but I’m still getting a small leak. As near as I can tell, there is no seepage from the head/cam girdle joint… What else could it be??

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