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I just spent the week driving a Cadillac XT5 and I was underwhelmed. I was excited when I was upgraded to the XT5 from the rental company. The XT5 was one of those cars I thought I should have considered after I bought my OB TXT. But I never had the chance to test drive it or look at it when I was in the market. I considered it too expensive at the time. My Touring XT definitely feels more luxurious and has nicer amenities, other than the huge sky roof that the XT5 has and the nice dark wood trim. Other than that everything else about the OB was better including the HK system over the Bose. The XT5 interior seemed cheaper than the Touring XT. It’s definitely more sluggish and doesn’t perform as well.

It’s really not close and I can’t see the reason why anyone would pay more for the XT5 especially considering the top of the line OB is still less than the bottom of the line XT5. But that Cadillac name and logo must have a lot of marketing pull as a luxury brand. And yet I even find myself asking if I could live with the XT5 so I could drive a Cadillac even though my OB Touring XT is better in almost every other way, other than Subaru not being a luxury brand.

Is there anything to a luxury brand maybe better quality or resale value or reliability that justifies the higher price? Have any of you considered the XT5 and what are your thoughts on it?

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