Gen 6 – Text message not working with new infotainment update

I have a 2022 Outback Touring XT. The infotainment was updated about 2 months ago. I noticed after that was done that the text messages were not coming through the infotainment like they used to. I unpaired the phone and paired it back to the car. No luck. Messages come through the phone just fin. I went to the dealer and they told me there was another update for that issues. I have an iPhone by the way.

I went in today to have the new update done. The technician said the update was current. The only way to get it to work was being plugged into Apple Car Play. It worked after being unplugged but we shut the car off and started it back up and it did not work. He reset the infotainment and tried again without luck.

System Information

Software Version: FB1SHM141-280

Map Version: 41012

Does anyone know why it might not be working? Due to the update? Is it an Apple not sharing technology? Subaru engineers missing something in the update?

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