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So I have been working on this car on my days off for a couple weeks now. It’s a 2007 outback. 2.5. With a constant misfire in cylinder 1.
What’s been done:
Compression check, good.
Plugs,wires,coil pack.
Checked injector for pulse, sounds good. Replaced the knock sensor.
The plug in cylinder 1 is clean. Like too clean. I pulled the plug and did a spark test and it sparks. Don’t know if there is a certain level of spark needed or what. The check engine light flashes and you can smell the gas so it’s obviously that for dumping to much gas in the exhaust. I’m at a stand still here. It’s my girl friends car she bought last year and it’s just Sat because she can’t get it to pass inspection. Really need to figure this out she needs the car for a new job. No car no job… Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Also trying to read the live data on my odb2. Anyone know the “specs” for this it should be running at.

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