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We have the car back. As suspected, they don’t know what caused the problem and since they can’t reproduce the issue, they basically told us to cross our fingers and pray to the Subaru gods that it doesn’t happen again, like when we are on vacation or in the middle of a snowstorm in January. The issue happened at a stoplight. Dashboard lit up and my wife had to gun the engine just to get the car to creep along to get it into a parking lot. Clearly an issue with the CVT (likely a slipping chain) that Subaru refuses to recognize. We have been talking to Subaru corporate and their position is that if the dealer cannot reproduce the problem, there is nothing they can do. I asked what if this happens 10 more times, then what? The answer was if the dealer can’t reproduce it, there is nothing they can do. The dealer checked the CVT fluid level and the connections on the transmission and that’s it. Didn’t even replace the CVT fluid. Dealer now says they were following instructions from the regional engineer. They gave us a print out of the trouble codes and it goes on for 4 pages, including startability malfunction, pre-ignition detected, transmission control system (MIL request), incorrect gear ratio, ECM, AT, and multiple codes for the Eyesight system and combination meter (along with XM/satellite digital audio radio service antenna faults).

I have owned Subaru cars for 20 years. My dad owned Subaru cars beginning in 1970 with the “GL” (actually, he owned the Malcolm Bricklin “360” before that). I owned a 3 cylinder Justy at one point. I had an Outback that went to 225,000 miles. My current 2011 Outback 3.6r has 175,000 miles and I have not had a single issue with the 5at transmission. Unfortunately, given our experience, I would not be inclined to recommend Subaru or to purchase another one. The customer service we have received is horrible. Will never buy another Subaru.

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