Gen 6 – rear inside tire wear



I am sure this is covered somewhere here but escapes me. On our 21 Onyx XT with 39,000 miles the inner most tire rib edge is nearly gone yet the rest of the tire is 40-50% remaining. the front have been moved to the rear and are showing similar accelerated inner wear to match The same inner ribs also cupped quite a bit . The front had worn more evenly. I am guilty of neglecting the 6,000 rotation and was closer to 10,000 or two oil changes at 5,000 each . So mostly my fault. a couple times each summer We haul a Casita 3,000lb camper with 300-325 lb tongue weight and some supplies in the rear also. so I am doing myself nothing but harm here. Can the excessive inside wear on the OE Yokahamas be explained besides poor maintenance? Years ago I had a car with pretty severe toe out due to replacement parts done wrong and got a similar wear. I read here that rear alignment is limited on these. I added Sumo spring inserts to help with rear sag when towing loaded but only marginally effective.

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