My Subaru app questions – 24 OBW

2024 Outback Wilderness — had a few questions on the MySubaru app.. I have Safety & Security Plus…

1) Is it not possible to set an “Auto” climate preset? I saw a different thread at…art-mythbusting.515250/#nested_reply_top_post that seemed to indicate you could create a preset that used “Auto” instead of the manual controls.. What I see in my app, however is that I can only set manual controls for everything – fan speed, vent positions, etc. — doing this, I end up always having to pull up the climate controls when I get to the car and manually switch it back to Auto. Did this go away at some point?

2) Door lock status — I guess I could test this on my own — but does the app indicate if your doors are unlocked at all? I have just been sending a lock command to double-check before going to sleep at night

3) Same thing for window status… If I log in to the MySubaru website, I do see my window status listed.. On the app, all I see is tire pressure. From what I could tell, some posts indicated I should be able to swipe on the vehicle status car and get a second view that shows window status — but I dont have the ability to swipe on anything on this screen..

I am on the iOS version of the app, Version 2.7.83 running iOS 17.1 on an iPhone 15 Pro, which says it was released 1 week ago and I have no updates available.


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