Gen 6 – New Member, New Owner, and CVT Question



Hi All,

My partner purchased yesterday a 2022 Outback Limited in Magnetite Gray, certified pre owned. (I should have pics, I know, but haven’t taken any yet. Will post later!)

I’ve been a member over at for 10 years with my 2001 Forester S, but new to the Outback scene.

We recently moved to the mountains and she had a Hyundai Ioniq. I offered to let her drive my Bronco Sport during the winter while I drive my Forester, but she decided to just trade the Ioniq in on the Outback. Sad to see the Ioniq go because it’s a great little car (got 54.5 mpg on the way to the dealership), but c’est la vie.

I drove the Outback 2.5 hours home from the dealership and it’s a nice car. Very smooth, quiet, comfortable, and has all the features my Bronco Sport has that I love for road trips. I really wanted an Outback for myself, but ended up with the Bronco Sport because I refused to pay the $10-15k markup that dealers were charging in 2021 because of supply chain issues. Got the Bronco Sport for MSRP and I really love it.

I thought I was going to be jealous of the Outback, but honestly, I hate the CVT. I was really surprised by how sluggish it feels, how it almost feels like it’s slipping, and how often it would keep the engine on high rpms and how loud the engine was (road noise is minimal, why isn’t there more sound dampening for the engine?). Is this experience with CVT normal? Or should I be concerned?


PS, sales guy we worked with had a cherry 1997 Outback that I wish I’d taken pics of. Really brought me back to my youth in Tahoe.

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