Request: cost for strut replacement?



I would find a local independent shop familiar with Subaru’s vs. the dealer. You can buy KYB (OEM manufacturer) replacements far cheaper. For my ’17 3.6R Touring new to me at 138K miles, I went with the following suspension upgrades:
New rear 19MM (vs 17MM stock) sway bar with new bushings and end links
New rear KYB “Quick Struts” (shocks and springs already assembled, cheaper to install as well)
New front sway bar bushings and OEM end links
New front KYB struts with new mounts (top bearing & mount), new boots and new snubbers.
4 wheel alignment after the installs. Don’t skip this step.

Now at 145k and very happy with the result. Controlled but not overly stiff ride while maintaining stock ride height. I also use the car for long trips. Very enjoyable.

Shop around for the parts. When I bought mine Tire Rack was the best price. The Quick Struts were on sale and KYB offered a rebate as well. The Datsun Doctor did all of the install here in SE Michigan. Good luck.

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