No Eyesight, No lane assist, no X-Mode, Check Engine light, and Brake lights Light up the Dash



Hey Guys,

I have a 2020 Subaru Ascent that I purchased from a dealer back in May of 2021. My vehicle has 48,305 miles on it. All of a sudden a few weeks ago while coming home from work my no Eyesight, No lane Assist, no X Mode, Brake light, and check engine lights all came on on my dash! When put on a code reader it gives and emissions code. We originally thought it might be an electrical issue, gas cap loose, or small battery issue. After changing to a bigger battery, tightening the gas cap, and them going out temporarily with the bigger battery install we are thinking there is more to it. The Brake light will go on and go off intermittently with no pattern, but the other lights are back on and not going off!! I am needing to get it into a dealership but work a pretty busy schedule. I have also noticed when driving slowly and increasing my speed it’s like my transmission jumps!! I am in shock with how many problems I have had with my ASCENT since purchasing it from the dealership! Any help, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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