Gen 5 – Harman Kardon / HK Amp pin-out (’17 3.6L Touring)

My vehicle: ’17 3.6L Touring w. HK audio

For those interested of replacing of wretched stock audio but want to keep stock speaker’s wires.

This post is explaining how speakers wires are connected to Harman Kardon / HK ampifier located under the front pass. seat.

These are:

  • Front door Left Speaker (mid-low freqs from amp)
  • Front door Right speaker (mid-low freqs from amp)
  • Rear door Left speaker (full range freqs)
  • Rear door Right speaker (full range freqs)

Note – Left and Right dash twitters (hi-freqs) are connected not from HK underseat amp but from DCM (digital communication module) located under you stock HU)

* Steps I’ve made before connecting dash, subs and F.& R. door speakers to the new amplifier:

– Replaced stock shitty HU with China android HU with the proper for HK amp models Can-bus adapter, so I can play any Hi-Res format files from sd-card using my favorite (Neutron) player.

– Replaced all the speakers.
Anything that is x10 expensive than stock $5 speakers would be great improvement.

Warning: I read – many people have problems when they try to replace their stock audio – warning lights, red light by the SOS button, etc. I never used XM, Starlink or any other functions related to DCM module, I don’t even know if these functions are enabled in my vehicle. Yes, I’m to old for this crap. But after installing China HU and disconnecting dash tweeters from DCM and F&R, center speakers and Sub from HK amp I have no any warning lights or error codes from OBD/SSM diagnostic.

Main purpose of this post:
I found many wiring diagrams of subaru’s stock audio but noone is correct to my subaru (pin numbers / wire colors) so I had to research number/colors by myself.

This diagramm may or may not corresponds your particular vehicle year/model but it gives you some fundamentals – like – upper row is allways (+), the wire under (+) is (- /ground) for this particular channel.

I’ve disonnected useless center speaker and subwoofer long before, but you don’t need to connect center speaker for your project and
View attachment 574393

most likely you’ll use sub connection from sub side not amp side.

at the end all I can say after connecting China HU to the cheap (Lanzar HTG669 I bought for $150 just to try how it works) and some $80-100 speakers – shame on you, Subaru, with you “pemium” $2.50 per speaker Harman Kardon sound. After the installation I was sitting in my Subaru listening my oldies but goldies for about an hour slack-jawed untill someone returned me to this shitty world.

If you need more detailed description about aftermarket audio than just HK amp diagramm wires just let me know

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