2015 Outback, Jerking/shuddering under load.

Hey folks,

I’ve read through quite a lot of the posts here on this topic but none of them post with finally fixes the issue. There was one post that stated that changing the spark plugs fixed the issue, the rest are left unfinished!

I plan to got through many of the different suggestions to fix the issue, document them for others to come here and find one of the fixes to this problem.

Here’s the rundown:
We inherited a 2015 Outback with 150K miles, as far as my fiancĂ© and I knew the car was irregularly maintained at a local dealer. This car would replacing my daily, 2011 outback with 385k miles, that seems to be bulletproof. Since we have received the car there is a shuddering/jerking/lurching between 1500-2200 RPM, and it has gotten worse as we’ve driven the car. It does not matter what speed, or if the car is in “manual” mode or regular automatic. I can replicate the issue consistently by keeping the RPMs in that range. If I keep them higher the issue is gone entirely. I don’t have an OBD reader that can do real time mapping, any recommendations on that would be appreciated.

What the forums have said to fix:
Spark Plugs – No idea when these were done, happening this weekend 10/21
CVT Relearn – Had the dealer do this when the CVT fluid was changed at 150k, no change.
Throttle Body and MAF Clean – I removed and cleaned both of these this weekend. They were surprisingly well off for the mileage. No Change.
Torque Converter – Last resort for fixing this.

If there’s anything else I have missed please let me know and I will attempt to get it done to see if it fixes it.

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