[2015 Outback 2.5] Parasitic Battery Drain on 30A ABS REL fuse

Hello! New to the forum so bear with me if I’m doing something out of etiquette, just let me know.
2015 Subaru Outback 2.5, 90k miles.

I have a parasitic battery drain narrowed down to the 30A ABS REL fuse. I tried searching around for resolutions but can’t seem to find a good solution or if what I am experiencing is something unique.

Multimeter set to current mode and placed in ckt between + lead on battery terminal and the car + lead wire supply.

Current shutdown draw when:

  • battery connected with some time for computer/CAN system startup settling: 0.45A
  • pulling out 30A ABS REL fuse: 0.04A (I went through each fuse under the hood one at a time and this one showed the change)
  • plugging 30A ABS REL fuse: 0.04A, (note: no jump back up to 0.45A)
  • steady state after pressing the “lock” “unlock” button on key fob: back to 0.45A

Note: This is repeatable, if I pull out the 30A ABS REL fuse and then replace it, the 0.45A–> 0.04A until I unlock/lock the door with the keyfob.

I had the battery tested and I’m told its still good. Duralast Gold.
For now, I have been disconnecting the battery when I get to work and reconnecting and have a Lithium Ion jump if needed. After today, I will just be popping the hood and taking the fuse out when not driving the thing.

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