Gen 4 – Looking for correct bolt + nut to replace terribly rusted bolts

New issues with 2010 subaru outback 2.5i Premium. The rear suspension is a total pain to get off. I tried to hit it with breaker bar + floor jack + wd40 to no avail and only ended up lifting the back end of the car up with the floor jack and bolt end. I want to just cut the nut off and extract the bolt, or if anyone has a better suggestion let me know, but I’m having a tough time finding the correct bolt + nut combo. Anyone know what I should be looking for?

Some things about this car –
it was used and abused before I got a hold of it, only found this out after the warranty wore off go figure. it was a fleet vehicle and was located in PA (Pennsylvania) for a while. rust capital. drive shaft has exploded, suspensions shot, calipers are seized, cv axles are probably next. honestly suprised I managed to drive it out to CA before all this stuff really started to rear its ugly face. (I noticed it before the drive but didnt have time or money to fix it)

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