Drive Shaft / propeller shaft- correct part?

I bought a drive shaft to replace mine with a bad center bearing rubber surround. 2006 Outback wagon, 2.5i, 4AT.

What I received was more than 1 cm shorter than what I measure on the car, measuring from the rear flange (that bolts to the differential) to the bolts of the center support bearing. Even with some built-in allowance for adjustment with the part, it was about 12 mm short of my measurement on the car. I don’t see how I can fit it. Surprisingly, the total length seems to be same as other parts I’ve seen specified on the internet. I measure 62.8 in. overall , and I see mention of 62.875 for total length for several offered at PartsGeek for this car. Because of the difficulty with removing the exhaust system, I haven’t yet removed the existing drive shaft for a complete measurement. The front few inches are hidden in the outlet of the transmission.

Is there any way that this part will work that’s eluding me? I know that several lengths are available for different models of the car, but don’t know all the details. I assume due to different transmissions and the like, and length differences seem to by significantly more than this. The differential input doesn’t somehow extend, does it? Can’t imagine that!

I might have just barreled ahead, but for the fact that it came in a broken box with no paperwork or identifying information. Nothing. Other than not agreeing with my measurement though, it appears ok.

I’d appreciate any insight. Thank you.

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