Gen 6 – Wireless phone charger overheating phone

Some of it is Apple. Some of it is the voltage and amperage out of the car. I do corporate solutions Mobile Device Management. If you have any Apple questions, DM me. i12 and i13 have low resistance batteries and the adaptive charging. You can charge them with a generic charger. You will have heat. If you charge with an Apple charger, the charger and the phone are smart enough to work together and incrementally charge the phone battery, not getting it hot, and also maximizing it’s battery life.

The (below i11) chargers only put out 0.5 amps at 5 volts (this was the apple “5W” charger) Starting with the i11 chargers put out 1.0 amps at 5 volts. The Subaru USBs are putting out 2.1 amps, you are over doubling your amperage (which will cause some heat). Also the Subaru USBs are just dumb USBs. They just barf voltage and amperage at what ever you plug in, regardless of the internal resistance of the battery. Li-Ion batteries are low resistance and don’t play the best with any charging system that isn’t specifically designed for them.

To maximize your Apple in a Subaru, there is a few things to do…
*Don’t use inductive charging. Even Apple has released statements with i12 and above that Apple inductive chargers will have heat issues. Granted, this is Apple’s inductive charger, with Apple’s smart charger. Aftermarket inductive (Subaru) are not recommended.

*Don’t rely on the Subaru for all your charging needs. Use an Apple smart charger. They work together to keep your battery from dieing, or cutting off charging above 80%.
*Avoid plugging in an iPhone with less than 50% charge. I’ve see a few parents on the boards complain that the kids will blow the circuit breaker on the rear Subaru USB ports with iPads. Same thing, don’t plug a half dead device into the USB.
*If you can, avoid using the phone while it is charging in the car. I see you had stated that you want to use CarPlay and the GPS. It would be easier on the the battery if you switched over to Bluetooth and used the in-car screen, rather than leaving the screen on the entire time on the phone. Charging while using excessive apps with screen on will heat up the phone.
*Heat is heat. Keep it out of the sun and out of your pocket.

Without intent to sound snarky, the $40K car was made to go from point-A to point-B. The $10 Apple branded charger was made to optimize the battery life of the iPhone.

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