Gen 2 – Instrument cluster bulb replacement

Depending on the age of your vehicle, you may have a light bulb. Most likely speed/tach lighting or less likely but still possible, hazard lights, turn signals etc. I’ve done this about 15 times between replacing the radio, repairing the LED (wouldn’t recommend), putting in the wrong bulb (#74’s are too big and fall out of the socket) and now it’s down to muscle memory .

Can you use LEDs?
It is an option. I did for a while, but if they don’t draw enough current, or if you have one of them in reverse polarity, you can have problems like the alternator shutting down when the parking brake is on (took me a month to track it down) . I’d say stick with incandescent. LEDs are also SUPER bright and can be blinding if used on turn signals.

Speed ​​and speedometer #161
Everything else #2721 or 2723 (same size different brightness, I believe the factory is 2723, which is a little dimmer, but either works)

Replacing bulbs in pairs (if you do turn signals, speed/turn signal or clock/odometer replace both bulbs so they have the same brightness)
Phillips screwdriver
Micro ratchet with shutters
Thin cutting tool
Small magnet (optional, but highly recommended)
Additional #10 x 1/2″ sheet metal screws (optional, but we know you’ll probably drop one on the black bracket on the inside of the dash)


Remove the ash tray
Pull it as far as it will go and then press down on the metal cover and the whole thing slides out.

Motor vehicle bumper Automobile tire cover

Remove the trim piece around the shifter.

Turn it backwards and it pops right out. Give it a 90 degree twist and you can lift it over the shifter.

Car Gear Shift Vehicle Vehicle Steering Parts
Motor Vehicles Automotive Tires Steering Wheel Automotive Design Automotive Exterior

Remove the lower storage compartment

Remove the two side mounting screws and then pull it out.

Land vehicles Vehicles Automobile tires Hood Motor vehicle

Remove the center cutout vertical mounting screws

Use a micro ratchet to unlock these two. They are a little tricky, but just keep turning and they will come out. The magnet is useful if you drop it. Unfortunately I took the picture after the screws were removed.

Vehicles Motor Vehicles Exterior Accessories Automotive Automotive Design
Trunk Bumper Vehicle Door Gas Vehicle

Remove the center trim panel

Just pull on the bottom and the whole thing pops out. You have an option here if you unplug the cigarette lighter/12v or just roll the trim out of the way and leave everything connected.

Car Gear Shift Vehicle Vehicle Steering Wheel

Turn off the switch panel on the driver’s side
Use the snipping tool to draw this out, I usually go from the bottom first. You can just leave it hanging after it’s out, or replace the lights on the switches (DIY coming later).

Vehicle plant Cars Vehicles Steering wheel

Remove the four mounting screws for the AC vent trim.

Two screws on the side and two pointing up above the speedometer.

Vehicle Speed ​​Vehicle Vehicle Light
Motor Vehicles Hoods Automotive Tires Automotive Lighting Automotive Design

Lower the steering wheel as far as it will go.
This will give you room to slide the AC vent trim out of the way. It is pulled towards you to separate it from the air ducts and then you can access the electrical connector behind the hazard light switch.

Remove the electrical connector at the rear of the hazard lights.
I find it easier to have one hand up on the connector release tab and another down to move the piece free. You can also go from above with needle nose pliers and hold the tab and wiggle it all in one motion. Perhaps the most difficult part of this whole process.

Slide the trim piece out over the parking light switch on top of the steering column, then toward the passenger side until it is free.
A bit tricky, but just be patient and it will work out.

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