Gen 2 – 1999 Legacy Outback – Only one filament in turn signal is getting power



After noticing the rapid blinking of the passenger side turn signal, I pulled the bulb and checked it. (Even tried a replacement.) But, removing the bulbs socket from the assembly and checking both filament’s connectors, I determined that only one filament is getting power.
If I have no other lights on, it blinks rapidly. If I turn on headlights, hazards or parking lights, it will blink at a more proper rate, but still with just one filament lighting. (And yes, it looks half as bright as it should.)
Although I haven’t pulled the bulbs from the rear of the car, they all seem to be working properly with the right brightness.
I checked the fuse under the dash and it’s fine.
I started to follow the wires back, but they joined a large bundle and disappeared into the car’s body. I’m trying to find a wiring diagram.
Please let me know if you have any advice on known issues or my next steps.

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