2011 Outback 2.5 having trouble accelerating

Hey all,
I recently bought a 2011 2.5 automatic with 179k miles. Since I have been driving it I have had issues with trying to accelerate while I am driving and not from a stop. I have no power driving up mountain passes and if I lose my speed, it is very hard to get back up to speed. I can get back up to lile 60mph max. I also have a very hard time overtaking and trying to pass on highways when I am going at highway speeds of 50+. I shift it down to like 3rd and it will have 4k+ rpms and just no acceleration.

I have also noticed a slight stutter when I am maintaining highway speeds or if I am going 30 mph and let of the gas or press it back in.

I have also been getting lower than normal mpg.

I had the transmission serviced by a very reputable transmission shop and they replaced the CVT fluid and said the transmission is fine.

So my question is what could be causing the lack of acceleration? Where should I start? I was going to start with replacing the spark plugs and coils, since the plugs haven’t been replaced since in 140k miles and I believe the coils are original. I am wondering if it may be the fuel pump and or the filter. Or maybe a clogged cat. I do have an OBDII scanner. Is there something ok those that will tell me if the fuel is lean?

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