2015 Hi Temperature warning , AC fluctuation and empty reservoir.



While driving yesterday, my hi coolant temp light came on. Shortly after the temp went back to normal range but continued to yo-yo between normal and high. At the same time, I found the AC would be cold and then go hot. This seemed to coincide with the coolant temp changes.

I checked the coolant reservoir and it was bone dry. I got some and put it in. This morning I went out and the reservoir is again dry! I let the car run for a while and it didn’t get to the normal temp on the gauge. (maybe not run long enough) While running I checked the top radiator hose. It was not hot.

I have not seen any indications of a coolant leak ( I have pets I check) nor have i detected the smell of leaking or burning coolant.

I am at a loss for what the issue is. Where’s the coolant? Why the temp & AC fluctuations? Could this be a thermostat or something much much much worse?

If this is a thermostat, is this a DIY repair or is it a pain in the ass better handled by a mechanic?

Please advise if anyone might have some insight

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