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Specific items would be helpful. H4 or H6? Auto or Manual transmission? Drivetrain parts, or interior? Body?

The engines, both 4 and 6, only interchange within this Gen. The transmission depends on model due to gear ratio – 3.9 or 4.11. the H6 has 2 different center differentials. The LL Bean is like the H4 models with MPT and the VDC has VTD. Some year model Forester 4 speeds fit the Outbacks with MPT. Again, gear ratios. There is 2 different clutch types, pull and push for manuals. If I recall correctly, 2003 went all push.

All Legacy suspension parts, interior, doors, glass, switches, etc, interchange to the Outback except the strut assemblies and fenders/quarter panels.

Anything else and you’d have to be specific. Cars101 has a lot of specs on all models.

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