Creaking Sound near Shock Absorber after Snow Storm

Recently tested my ascent in the deep snow on a highway. It performed really good when compared to my old front-wheel drive car. :thumbsup: to Subaru.

Next day started hearing creaking sounds from the driver side front shock on a full range bumps. It appears the sound is coming from some ball joints.:tango_face_surprise

I’ve googled subaru shock creaking…found bunch of posts in outback/forester forums.
They mentioned some grease wearing off on sway bars/joints/bushes when in snow…does Ascent has similar problems….anyone noticed creaking sounds after driving in snow:confused:
Also the dealers seem to suggest reapplication gel/silicon based lubricants etc. and owners noticing the sounds reappearing after few weeks.

My 7 year old car ran through many snow storms….never had to problem with shocks or re-application of grease.

Anyone heard such sounds?

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