Gen 6 – Music from iPod Touch via USB

Continuing my research for my in-Transit 2024 Outback Limited, the user manual says that that the car is compatible with the Gen7 iPod Touch. Does anyone know whether the car will read the music structure on the iPod and then allow me to browse all artists and albums? Or does the car just see the iPod Touch as just another USB stick? I have about 8500 songs on the iPod Touch.

My older 2017 Outback Premium claimed to be compatible with the iPod Classic but just crashed it. The iPod Classic works great in my wife’s 2011 Toyota Sienna, with browsing and all. It even pauses and unpauses the player when I select it with no indexing required.

I’m also curious if attaching the iPod Touch via USB to the 2024 will interfere with Bluetooth operation of my Android phone for calls and messages.

This is a Plan B. My first choice is to play music via USB from my android phone using Android Auto but if that’s glitchy, I wonder if the idea above is a viable backup without interfering with the Android phone/messaging on Bluetooth.


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