cracked front windshield is going to take 2 months to come in?

Hi all. Everyone was so helpful with the new battery I needed a while back-thanks to seeing the recall info on here, I was able to get it completely covered, and the new tray for it, with minimal problems. Now I am wondering about new windshields.

My 2020 Ascent got a small dink from a rock on the interstate which then became a crack the beginning of October. I was told to go with Subaru windshield only, b/c there has been an issue recalibrating “Eyesight” with other brands windshields. My dilemma is that after waiting one month and being told by the dealer parts that it is on “backorder”, I called 800 Subaru and was told it would take until the end of November for the new windshield to come in! Meanwhile, the crack is now all the way over into the passenger side.
Question: Have any owners gone ahead and replaced their windshield with other manufacturers? Issues?
Question: Any idea how I can stop the crack from spreading all the way over to the other side? I am getting pretty nervous about driving it now with the huge crack across.
Thanks so much for any info you have.

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