Gen 6 – Subaru Gold Plus extended warranty in Oregon/Washington

That is indeed way too high. Here in Florida where the Dept. of Insurance regulates these plans, the price is right around $3k and that is high. It’s unfortunate that SOA doesn’t allow dealers to sell plans outside of their market area. For 10yr/100k, I would think $2500 would be a very fair price. I would love to have a plan at that price here in my state.

Also something, I’ve been thinking about is the continuing inflation and its impact on the cost of repairs in the future. I’m sure that they are factoring that into the pricing of these extended warranty plans and if inflation continues, I wouldn’t be surprised to see cost of the extended warranty plans increase again. I more inclined to lock in the price now. I’ve been shopping for a plan for about a year now and the pricing of them have already increased on me. (I believe they’ve already increased twice in the period of time.)

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