Gen 6 – Replacing a windshield on an Eyesight equipped vehicle.

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This post is more of a story, then a question……………Maybe.

I was (far) away from home, enjoying a drive, when BAM an object was dislodged from an oncoming vehicle, and I got a crack in my windshield. The crack was maybe 4 inches, and I thought I’d be safe until I got home. WRONG. It propagated to ½ the width of the windshield, in width.

So, I called the insurance company and got setup for a replacement windshield, at my hotel. WOW, good deal. I had the windshield replaced in a day or 2. THEN since I had a 2020 OB with Eyesight, I had to get the system RE-aligned. Shortly after the windshield replacement, I had the Eyesight RE-aligned, at the hotel. GREAT.

THEN, I went to drive the vehicle. NO Lane departure, NO auto braking, NO Adaptative cruise, NO driver recognition…… I called the company that replaced the glass and received SOME assistance. I then realized that I was going to have to get things working by myself.

I did in fact RTFM (Read The F______ Manual). After much trying, I was brought to the fact that I had to reactivate each function individually. What really blew my mind, was that after going through the menus, it APPEARED that the Eyesight system already knew my settings but did NOT activate/honor them. Only until after I went THRU the menus and closed out, did it once again activate/honor the specific settings. WT.?

I eventually got the system to do its active safety actions. Yep, I did test each and every function. Glad nobody called the cops thinking I was having a mental breakdown.

After that I went to the Subaru dealer, for an oil change. While there I spoke with the service adviser about my windshield replacement and Realignment. He was avid that I SHOULD ONLY GET MY REPLACEMENT AT A SUBARU DEALER. ONLY THEY ARE QUALIFIED TO DO THE JOB.

Those of you with vehicles with Eyesight, that have had your windshield replaced.

  • Who replaced your windshield? Subaru dealer or Glass company?
  • What were your results? Any changes in the vehicles Eyesight operation?
  • Any more input from your replacement?

Okay. I’m done.

Sky Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Asphalt
Sky Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Asphalt

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