Brakes make noise at highway speeds

2021 climb with 26,xxx miles–85% of which are highway miles. When I hit the brakes at 70mph (or really anything over 60ish) I get a noticeable shudder and noise… not sure how to describe it other than a very quick snap or a “loser” sound “. This happens if I am below 60. The vibration is felt in the steering wheel but does not disturb the car. Think of it as a wheel balance issue at a much faster frequency. It doesn’t matter if I just touch the brakes or apply them hard. I am the primary driver and the car has never towed a trailer or been in any real panic stop situations that could warp a rotor.

No issues with stalling or squealing, which I would expect if the pads were shot, but certainly not at 26,000. They don’t blink, they just vibrate and make weird sounds.

any thoughts?

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