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Long story short, I also have a 2022 that I bought last March. After less than 1000 miles the oil level sensor leaks oil. My first oil change ended up being when they did the warranty repair on my oil level sensor. My official out of pocket oil change was completed in December 2022 at 3k miles, which is not 6k miles, but 6 months after the warranty repair. When I was there the service advisor took a look at my ODO and said I only needed an oil/oil filter change and included their multi point inspection. Even though the rotation was on the list, I told him I got aftermarket wheels and used the stock Yokohama AVID tires that were mounted/balanced and the tire certificate added at America’S Tire in town and it’s only had about 1750 miles on it. He said that since you have lifetime rotation/balancing with Tires of America, we’ll take it out of the service here (plus it’s saving you money). So my second oil change or first out of pocket was just an oil/oil filter change. Nothing more and nothing less. It cost me $75 plus tax. In and out in less than 45 minutes. Of course you can go by intervals, but you can also skip things like replacing the cabin/engine air filter itself and rotating if you have a road hazard certificate with your local tire shop. Log in, check, have the service advisor tell you what’s recommended, and see for yourself what’s required and what’s suggested.

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