2020 Subaru Outback (the 1st and Last Subaru that I will purchase)

I was excited to purchase my 2020 Subaru Outback and was looking forward to a reliable vehicle that I would have for many years. I must say, it has been a total disappointment. I drive a lot, I am at 69000 miles.
@ 34K miles I had abnormal wear on the rear tires, through to the secondary rubber. The dealership covered 50% of the replacement tires. This was 6K miles after the last service.
@43K miles, idler pulley was making noise and coolant tank empty for 2nd time.
@51K miles, replaced idler pulley ($439.00)
@69K miles, mechanic reports idler pulley is again making noise. (I have never replaced an idler pulley on my 2012 Toyota Camry at 145K miles, or on any of my Honda Odyssey’s
@56K miles, windows would not close. Drove for hours with front window open in late March. (I have never had windows not close on my 2012 Camry) dealership said I had dog hair in the tracks, but also needed to “reprogram the window”
@69K miles, windows stopped working again!
@69K miles, my mechanic informed me that the abnormal wear @34K miles is back.

  • I have never had the car generate notification that I need an oil change. The dealership set the maintenance mileage and date three times, uploaded new software, reset some settings in the software, nothing works.
  • The compass on the dashboard is always at least 90 degree’s off from the compass in the rear view mirror.
  • My subaru tells me I have “important messages” from time to time. I always hit “read now”. Every time I get a spinning wheel and a message “Loading”, this will stay on the screen until I turn off the car. I never seen the message.
  • The Windows are so unreliable I am worried to open the windows in cold weather, or in rain or snow, so they don’t get stuck open.
  • I would get rid of this car in a heartbeat if it wouldn’t kill me financially.
  • The infotainment system has also been a major disappointment and is very unreliable.

I would be happy to upload video’s, but the site won’t allow it.

I know many of you may love your Subaru’s, but I will never recommend a Subaru.

A very disappointed subaru owner.

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