2021 Outback Limited with Comma 3X – Performance Issue/Question

In the family, there is a ’22 Niro EV and ’21 Outback Limited, both with Comma 3X installed; both with sunnypilot, latest stable version. I FAR prefer how the Niro + Comma work together than the Outback + Comma.

The Niro needs much less attention to steering when the 3X is active. I feel that the Outback doesn’t have enough steering torque or range (or something) for the Comma 3X to control the wheel on sharper curves, while the 3X on the Niro works on sharper curves (but not all of them) very well. As usual, I’m ALWAYS ready to take the wheel when needed, but the Outback requires intervention much more often.

Additionally, and naturally, the Niro + Comma combo, as a result, is better at helping to complete turns than with the Outback combo. Also, I treat the Comma as enhanced ACC + LKA, and am not looking for a fully self-driving experience. Full stop (double-meaning not intended).

That said, the Comma 3X is still quite good to have on the Outback; I simply like how it handles the steering on the Niro so much better with the current sunnypilot software.

Looking for comments on this topic, so feel free!

For instance – are there any recommended openpilot/sunnypilot tweaks or openpilot forks that work better with the Outback?

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