2018 3.6R Tire recommendations? Hot / Wet weather, some crappy roads

After almost 6 years its time to replace the OEM Bridgestone Duelers… Looking at Tire Rack reviews the Duelers have terrible ratings. They had a 40K lifespan and now have 39K on them with 3/32nds left. This past summer in Florida was brutally hot and the pavement was scorching, they lost a lot of tread this summer. 80% city driving 10% highway and 10% on unmaintained gravel with gigantic potholes. Despite their crappy reputation the Duelers never let me down, never had a bad sidewall from a pothole. Driving style has gone from ‘spirited’ with the 05 Legacy GT wagon to ‘sedate’ in the 18 3.6R.

Its Florida, its hot and there’s often torrential rain. The paved roads have too much traffic from all the new residents and are no longer smooth, patches everywhere. The stretch of gravel driven 2x week is a 5mph crawl between big potholes; one car lost its front suspension hitting one, and there have been a number of flats caused by that section of dirt.

Judging by online reviews seems hopeless, all the TireRack or TireBuyer “recommended” 225/60R 18s also have 1-Star user reviews complaining of poor wet traction, poor handling and high road noise. I would like a quieter tire than the Duelers with better wet grip. I only need another 40K on the next set, don’t drive more than 7K a year so not worried about longevity. If any other Southern OB owners have a tire they’re happy with, I need some suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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